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Paul K Tibbitts DC, MMCA  

McTimoney Chiropractic gentle and effective treatment for the whole body    


                                                                              Privacy Notice


                                             As I record and use sensitive health data I take the protection of this data very seriously. I do not share

                                             your data with anyone without your explicit consent. I record and use the following categories of personal

                                             data: name, address, telephone numbers, Email address, date of birth, health information including

                                             medical history, diagnosis and treatment data.

                                             My lawful basis for processing this data is one of Legal Obligation as I have to comply with Statutory

                                             Regulations and Contract, for the health information, the provision of health-related services as a

                                             Chiropractic clinic. In addition, I will only examine and treat you with your explicit consent.

                                             Retaining Your Personal Data

                                             Whilst you are receiving treatment from me I will continue to safely store and use your personal data.

                                             Once you have been discharged, I will be required to retain your personal data for a minimum of 8 years.

                                             I will continue to store the data safely.

                                             Yours Rights

                                             As I process your personal data, you have certain rights. These are the right of access, a right of

                                             rectification, a right of erasure and a right to restrict processing. You may request a copy of your data at

                                             any time.

                                             If you believe any of your personal data I hold on you is inaccurate or incomplete, please contact me and any

                                             necessary corrections to your data will ne made promptly. Or if you believe your data should be erased.

                                             Data Breaches

                                             Should your personal data that I control be lost, stolen or otherwise breached, where is constitutes a high risk to

                                             your rights and freedoms, I will contact you without delay.

                                             Should You Wish To Complain

                                             You can contact the Information Commission Officer (ICO) via their website: should you wish to make

                                             a complaint about the way I am processing your personal data.