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I have known Paul for approximately 20 years now and can honestly say he is an extremely nice person and very competent in what he does. He always conducts himself in a very professional way.

I have had Chiropractic treatments for different back problems over the years and have always been happy with treatment.


Paul had treated my Father and myself. In my Fathers case for Sciatica. Paul is very thorough. He identified the problem and over the course of treatment relieved the pain completely. It had stopped him leading a normal life, but now he's back bowling and doing everything as normal. Appointments are always available and convenient.

In my case I was in terrible pain in my lower back. I visited Paul and after a complete consultation, he found the problem and gave treatment which eased the pain straight away and after a few visits it was gone completely. The treatment is not painful or uncomfortable.


 For many years I have experienced a problem with my lower back which has been prone to go into spasm if damaged in any way by lifting or turning awkwardly.

The last time was particularly painful and debilitating and would not get better even after physio treatment and acupuncture.

It was suggested that I tried a Chiropractor and contacted Paul Tibbitts and a short time after the initial treatment I noticed an improvement. I have continued with the course of treatment and my back returned to normal and I have had no reoccurrence of the condition to date.


I was suffering from chronic scoliosis back pain when I met Paul, but was a little sceptical having never heard of the McTimoney chiropractic method. But, 3 treatments later I had noticed a marked difference and by the fifth treatment pain had gone.

I cannot recommend Paul highly enough. Not only is he a good chiropractor but he listens and gives good advice which is why I shall continue a 3 monthly maintenance programme with Paul.


Quick and calm treatment after an initial examination, which wasn't painful yet worked effectively. After months of hip and lower back pain I'm not having any problems at all.


I am writing to thank you for my McTimoney chiropractic treatment, it has been really good, almost a magical treatment. The experience was gentle, straightforward and easily explained and understood. The results have been amazing with the pain in both my pelvis and neck relieved quickly, and when I do suffer following physical activity the pain is self rectifying, a bonus not expected or experienced in other forms of chiropractic treatment. Stabilised but not perfect after 53 years I have committed to attend a regular maintenance session to hopefully avoid future crisis situations.


I came to Paul with limited movement in my upper neck and a lot of pain. I could not walk more than 10m without feeling dizzy and unstable.

From the first treatment I could walk without dizziness. Paul has a very calm demeanour which is relaxing.

I had further treatments to improve my posture and sleep quality.

The treatment was pain free and has changed my life. I have recommended it to others.

Suh G 

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